Hollows and Rounds


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1 Feb 2006
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Nr. Tonbridge, Kent
I was wondering whether anyone had attempted to make their own hollows and rounds wooden hand planes or if anyone was aware of any sources on the internet/books on how to make one. I know Lie Nielsen sell a dvd on it but wanted to get a good sense of whats involved before buying that.
Many thanks
There are a few good books on making planes but not many that go in depth about making hollow and rounds. Your best bet is to get an old round and study it. Take measurements ect ect. You could even rip one down its centre to look in its insides to get a better look of bed angles and all the geometry needed.
After this draw the plane out a few times till it sinks in...
Now this is the most important part. Make sure your stock is , beech would be best but I've heard on moulding planes being make from holly, mahogany ect.

You can watch DVDs, you tube and read endless book but it's best to just get stuck in there. Maby the first attempt isn't how you would like but you will learn and the next will be better.

Philip Edwards from philly hand planes sell floats that you could use or a piece of gauge plate.
The blunt chisel method Bill Carter uses is excellent too.
There are loads of ways to make them.

I've rattled on enough I think, enjoy