Hinges for recessed doors on a dresser/cabinet


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5 Oct 2009
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I suspect I'm overlooking something obvious in my searching, but I want to build a cabinet similar to this:

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193167195495 ... 3167195495

BUT I want to set the doors back so they aren't flush with the face of the unit. What sort of hinges can I use so that the doors can still open wide? If I used normal butts like in the (hopefully) attached sketch, then the doors would open wide, but I fear this would look a bit pants...



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If you are proposing a fundamental break with the normal design, you'd need, in my view, a compelling reason. Why do you want to set the doors back? The product of your design decision will be multiple complications like this. Take a look at the leading edge of the door, for example.
The reason is... 'cos I want to. It may not be a compelling reason, but I have a history of making things far harder than they need/should be.

I shall find a way! Ta.
You just need hinges with wide enough leaves to let you set the door back on them, i.e. oversized hinges.
Google "projection hinges" "parliament hinges" for another possibility.
Alternative would be one of the modern Blum type hinges which come in all sorts of configurations and would be much tidier.
PS you might consider modifying a big hinge by reducing the size of one leaf and drilling new screw holes.
the way you have drawn it will project it twice as far as necessary.
You can come back 50% of the distance as the swing doubles it.

Put a chamfer on the post is an option to keep it straight forward but increase the swing.
Thanks. I meant to say that sketch isn't in any way to scale - it just seemed simpler to quickly draw it than trying to describe it, but all are valid points.

Thanks all.