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13 Aug 2023
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Hi, interested in DIY and mostly repairing things around the house etc so wanted to join to gain more knowledge for that. Also have been clearing out my grandads family DIY business for the past 6 years so have come across all kinds of tools, was hoping to post the auction they will all be in but i don't think i'm able to until i've been on here for 2 weeks and made 25 posts, but hopefully lots of people already know about auctions (this one is Ashley Wallers) really would like the tools etc to go to good homes.

Anyway, main interests would be wanting to restore/repair old tools and keep them alive, i believe the older tools were built to last and would like to see them around for a while longer yet! Also maybe one day getting back in to using a lathe (did engineering in high school/6th form) and learnt to weld when traveling, hopefully get back in to it again once i've got myself sorted with a job/career.

Thanks all
Hi and welcome to the forum, yeah if you have a look at the forum rules around selling it’s all explained if in any doubt put a message out for the moderators to pick up , anyway again welcome 🤗