Hemel Hempstead Oak Boards (ebay) - buyer beware!


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21 Aug 2017
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Just returned from a rather frustrating round trip to Hemel hempstead.
I won a series of small eBay auctions for some reclaimed oak boards.
All described as sound, bar a small amount of water damage at one end of one board.
Arrived today and was shown first board. Checked it over and explained that I just wanted to be sure there weren't any major defects or woodworm. The vendor told me the boards were fine...and this one was.
However, the second had a fine set of flight holes and the third had a saw cut half the width of the board down a third of its length as well as worm across one end. I said I couldn't take it and was accused of trying to negotiate the price.
The next was *riddled* with woodworm - run away and burn it riddled. I said I really felt that this should have been disclosed.
At this point the vendor said he was cancelling the sale and accused me of wasting his time!
He refused to sell me the sound board (which was a bargain) or show me the final three.

I expect they'll get re-listed with a moan about time-wasters. Hopefully they'll be accurately described this time but, in case they're not, and in case you might be interested, you might want to step cautiously!