help needed with DeWalt band saw

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5 Aug 2012
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Hi all,
I have a DeWalt band saw ( actually the earlier Elu model) dw738. It was slow to start up, I thought capacitor, but the lower wheel is really stiff to turn. I have removed the blade and drive belt and it is very hard to turn. I am assuming that the bearings need greasing.
Has anyone tried removing the lower wheel, or have any suggestions?

Many thanks,

The bearings will probably need replacing as they're more than likely to be sealed for life bearings which are possible to grease and reseal but its usually more economical to buy new ones as they're not silly money for good quality ones in the standard sizes. Plus it's difficult to unseal and reseal a bearing without letting rubbish get in and also making sure the seal keeps rubbish out.

I've not taken the wheels off one of these bandsaws (I have done it on a larger Elu EBS3601) but judging by the parts diagrams available online you need to undo the nut at the front of the wheel and it should come off with the bearings. While you're at it I would recommend also doing the top wheel as they tend to wear out about the same time due to the equal pressure of the blade tension.

Yes, just replace the bearings. They are cheap to replace. You might have difficulty finding a small enough bearing-puller though. A length of dowel (broom-handle) and a hammer might be a necessary Heath Robinson solution.