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30 Jan 2024
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I am sure I have lurked here in the past but have no recollection of my details!
I am Tony Wootton, a surgeon retired for 17years following finger damage caused by manually holding a small piece of wood into a biscuit joiner. Messy but surprisingly painless.
My retirement years have been spent filling my barn with a comprehensively stocked woodwork shop. Initially making doors and windows etc for a house renovation and latterly turning my hand to luthery with my brother, making arch top guitars amongst other projects for friends and charity. All on woottons.com should you be an insomniac.

Why join now? Age and health is dictating I sell up. I will list the main items of machinery in the coming weeks. Mainly Felder and only ‘home use’ All 240v. The tools and tooling are too numerous to mention atm. Trying to value the kit is a nightmare but I have learnt not to be greedy. Selling as a job lot would be a godsend.

Im currently lounging by a pool in Vietnam and back in the UK after 20th Feb. I’m happy to chat here in the meantime.
If you have read this far, thankyou.
Hi Tony , welcome aboard, I never like to hear any fellow woodworker having to sell their kit , especially due to health reasons but you have to do what is best for you , there are many members here that will support you in your quest if that’s what you have to do . There are a few rules when it comes to selling items but it’s quite straightforward. Good luck 🤞
Hi Tony, I am pretty local to you and may be interested in some things, joinery or luthery. Unfortunately won`t be able to buy as a job lot unless the lottery comes in.
Beautiful guitars by the way.