Hegner polycut 3 single or 3 phase


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25 Jul 2023
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4 weeks down the road.....
My saga contines with the polycut 3, its a 1988 and single phase AEG motor.
I've dismantled and assessed the motor and its beyond economic repair.
In my Hegner work I rarely ever see a Polycut 3 infact in over 30 years I've only seen 1 other and it was single phase domestic 230v.

Hegner UK doesn't stock either the Polycut 3 or motor and only offers either 230v 3 phase or 110v 3 phase motors.
I've tried various enquiries but no one knows enough info, they describe the 230v as 3 phase which i know exists but getting a definite spec is proving impossible.
I contacted Hegner Germany with my request for a single phase and was given a part number, they told me I must order through UK only but according to Hegner UK this is the 3 phase motor

Does a 3 phase version even exist or is this a mistake on the Hegner UK website?

I'm struggling to get answers and even after all this will have to wait 75 working days to find out what arrives if i buy one. I could end up needing a 3 phase inverter but at this stage nobody knows....
Even a new Polycut 3 on/off switch has 230v on it.
PS i know i could source an alternative motor but i want to keep the saw original.

Even AEG Lafert can't offer a suitable one as despite a 99 percent match the feet are wrong and can't be adjusted. When assembled, the switchbox is on top and won't clear the table



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Have you looked into having the motor re wound ?
Yes it needed new bearings and rewound but the end caps (bearing carriers) have worn and the rotor was scoring. New end caps not available and remanufacturing costs would be very high and sourcing another used or similar motor for spares a risk too
The motor has been to an AEG specialist who confirmed what i had found.
The capacitor was running at 5.8uf down from 6uf but not enough to heat the motor.

What nobody can confirm is if newer polycuts are 230v single phase like my one.They list it as 230v 3 phase but nobody at Hegner UK has managed to confirm.
My understanding is that these saws are 1ph 230v
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To add insult to injury hegner uk has increased the price of the motor nearly £100 since i enquired, compare my earlier screen shot in the earlier comments, what a joke
All spec info i find is 1ph so i believe its a mistake saying they are 3ph now.

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