Hegner Multicut 2 table adjustment and tilt question


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22 Jun 2020
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I bought a second hand hegner multicut 2 saw, and am having an issue when tilting the table.
When unscrew the tilting knob to tilt , the table seems to hit a stop at about 20 degrees ( on the 45 degree side)
I had a look underneath and the tilting angle plate (the one with the scale on), is hitting the main body of the machine, stopping the table tilting. It's as if the table has shifted back 2 to 3 mm or so, stopping the table from tilting.
Is there any back and forward adjustment on the 2 table pivots that support the machine table? There also seems a very slight up and down play on the table when tilt adjustment knob is filly tightened up.
I have added a photo and hope someone can uncerstand what I mean. I've drawn an arrow on the photo to show where it's hitting the main body of the machine.

Many thanks and any adcice will be valued.


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When I refurbished my large Hegner Polycut I had something similar.

Disassembled and added spacers in to move the table slightly forward.
That's very helpful and just what I thought.
There seems to be a nylon washer/ spacer on the front end of the table. Did you add a couple of nylon washers, or did you use steel ones?
It looks like I need to take out the front bolt and remove the back pivot point with a spanner.
Many thanks for your message 👍
Don't know the Hegner all that well personally. But member "scrimper" does (amongst several other). Suggest that if scrimper doesn't turn up here soon, just send him a PM (now called "Conversation" or something like that).