Heating a insulated workshop


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Interesting thread as I'm into my first winter in Aberdeenshire, and needing to economically heat the place. Good idea about a heated cupboard for glues etc. I have one of these tubular heaters in my pump room to keep it above freezing. Link . I will move my liquids into there this weekend. They are dirt cheap to buy and dirt cheap to run.
Don't think it's possible to get used to -30 though.
Spent 6 months in Alberta and didn’t really struggle when it dipped very low but expect it was because it was a very “dry” sort of cold..weird thing when going outside was hearing a crackling noise which was hairs in your nose freezing and then breaking. Coldest I ever actually felt was parked up overnight at Denny back in 2010 (year of the “Big freeze” when thousands of vehicles were gridlocked overnight on the motorways around Scotland) when I woke up about 02:00 with the trucks battery flat..5lt bottle of water in the cab for brewing had frozen solid..that was -30 and it hurt to breathe in.
I'm considering a slim panel heater for my shed, I've avoided buying one so far thanks to multiple layers of clothing. Time will tell.

I reached for a tin of wood stain this afternoon, frozen solid. :oops:
because it was a very “dry” sort of cold..
I spent a winter in Ontario, there was no hardship, everything was geared up for the conditions.

I used to nip out in the morning to start up the car in shirt and trousers, it felt perfectly fine at - 20 or 30 but if I didn't get back in sharpish, my teeth would start to chatter.