Hammer A341 - Exraction?


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23 Apr 2010
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Have posted this over on the other forum but thought it would be a good idea to post here as well - apologies to those who've already read it over there..

We recently brought a Hammer A341 (with silent power option) - nice bit of kit but that's for another day...

At present we're extracting with an old Scheppach HA26 and the extractor is perhaps not surprisinly struggling a bit..
We need to upgrade the extractor but at present don't really want to spend over the odds unless necessary.
We've looked at the Felder AF22, but with the 240v option and optional filter cartridge it comes in at £1414 inc. vat & delivery - I'm sure this is a good bit of kit but it comes in a bit on the expensive side.
The next option for consideration is the AF14, Felder's single bag option which they assure me has enough suck to handle the A341. With the fine filter this comes in at £970 (inc, vat and delivery) - not cheap for a single bag unit but with a healthy airflow capacity of 2350 m3/h - supposedly with the 120mm pipe diameter common to most Hammer/Felder gear.
Then come the Axminster options - I've discounted the hobby versions (possibly unfairly??) as this will be in everyday 'trade' use.
The UB-803 twin bag extractor seems like a reasonable option at £1062 inc of 2 filter cartridges. This is quoted as 3000 m3/h on 200mm, so should still be OK on 100 or 120mm piping (dependent on reducer options..)..?
The final and cheapest option is the Axminster UB-802 single bag trade extractor currently available at £684 inclusive of fine filter cartridge - this has a quoted airflow of 2000 m3/h at 150mm so not too sure if it will have enough suck on 100/120mm piping??.

To be honest I'm tempted to go with the cheapest option (Axi UB-802) as a temporary solution but am worried it won't have enough suck. The twin bag options have more suck and while more expensive might be suitable for incorporating into a ducted system in the future..

I'm keeping the old Scheppach and will use that to extract from the saw/spindle (Felder KF700). Again probably underpowered but will enable us to keep the planer chippings separate from the finer saw waste. I have an outlet for disposal of the planer shavings but not the fine stuff so want to keep them separate .

Any thoughts/suggestions on any of the above appreciated…
Thanks Tim
Hi Johnf
A few people have recommended the SIP. Whats it like regarding quality of manufacture? Do you know if you can get a filter cartridge? On the SIP web site they mention filtration down to 1 micron using a bottom filter bag - bit confused by this as I've always used polythene sacks..
Hi Tim
No idea if you can get a fine cartridge I have mine situated outside the workshop so a fine filter doesn't matter
I use a home made cyclone and plastic drum for a drop box never had the bottom bag off yet.
On qualtity the price is pretty keen you can probably get better at a cost .Ive had mine for a couple of years it's been excellent in that time
Hope this helps you