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For Sale Charnwood W891 HVLP Chip extractor 2HP 240V with a new filter cartridge REDUCED TO £270


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15 Nov 2010
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Charnwood W891 HVLP Chip extractor 240V in good working condition.
A 16amp supply is required
2000 m3/hour flow rate
The inlet is 125mm which splits into 2 x 100mm via a removeable Y piece with blast gates.
The 2HP induction motor is continuously rated.
Looks identical to the current Charnwood W691 (W691CF with filter) except that the W691 motor is rated to a maximum of 2 hours.
I purchased the new (still boxed) 1 micron filter Cartridge from Axminster in 2015 to replace the standard cloth filtration bag but never fitted it.
This filter was an option for the Axminster trade UB-802 / UB-803 extractors and is nominally the correct 500mm size for the Charnwood but
may require a plywood or MDF 'donut' ring for fitment.
I can provide links to some YouTube videos showing conversions from bag to filter on identical looking extractors.

Requesting £295 for the W891 including the filter. 6th Dec: NOW REDUCED TO £270 before trying my luck on Ebay in a couple of days
Collection please from Droitwich, Worcestershire (I may be able to meet someone part way to a max of about 30 miles).


  • Charnwood W891 Dust Extractor 3.JPG
    Charnwood W891 Dust Extractor 3.JPG
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    Charnwood W891 Dust Extractor 4.JPG
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  • Charnwood W891 Dust Extractor.JPG
    Charnwood W891 Dust Extractor.JPG
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  • Charnwood W891 Dust Extractor 2.JPG
    Charnwood W891 Dust Extractor 2.JPG
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  • Axminster CK-500S Filter cartridge.JPG
    Axminster CK-500S Filter cartridge.JPG
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