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3 Phase 410mm Spiral Hammer A3-41 & Charnwood 2HP Extractor


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28 Sep 2016
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2016 3 Phase Hammer A3-41 Spiral Head planer thicknesser with 2 x aluminium extension tables + digital hand wheel and a single phase 150mm Charnwood W791 2HP Extractor with cartridge filter and 3m of hose - this is the trade rated extractor so can be run for several hours at a time

This is a simply amazing machine, I loved my Sedgwick but this is next level. The planed finish won't ever be as glassy smooth as a fresh set of straight knives but the cut is cleaner, no tearout, much much quieter, smaller chips etc.
Ive found I can take skim cuts of fractions of a mm and the digital hand wheel gauge seems to be accurate to half a mm.
Extraction is excellent, just an all-round great machine. Comes with the manual and maintenance kit, and it DOES have the blade guard which i will fit back on
It will be cleaned and beds waxed before collection. Has been well-maintained

Also included is the extractor, runs off a 16amp plug (included). Very powerful, never had any issues. Handle it a bit squished where it got bashed and the fine micron filter seemed like a loose fit (it was bought secondary to the machine but still a Charnwood brand product) so I've packed it out with the material to get a batter seal. Also comes with a load of spare bags

£4000 TOTAL for both via bank transfer.

Any questions do ask, we have a trolley jack and forklift on site to help load into a van