Grovewood Machinery and Laguna - A tale of good service.

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17 Nov 2018
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North Yorkshire
After months of deliberation I took the plunge and decided to upgrade to a Laguna 14BX Bandsaw. I then found nowhere had one and was getting resigned to waiting until July when a speculative e-mail to Grovewood Machinery came up with the news they had one available.

Great service from Grovewood confirming despatch, checking it had arrived and I was happy.

It is a very well constructed machine as others have confirmed in previous posts.

When I cleaned the protective gunk off the table however I found a couple of small "pittings" in the casting. With some trepidation I e-mailed Nick at Grovewood not sure what to expect.

Without any fuss or question he referred it on to Laguna who have reacted brilliantly - a new table is being couriered.

I'm a big believer that things go wrong from time to time and it's the reaction of the company that is a true measure of how good they are.

Full marks to both Grovewood and Laguna from me.
Thank you for your positive feedback Blackswanwood and apologies again you had this issue.
Genuinely it's the first time we've ever seen this specific issue amongst all the saws we've sold so far and hands up it should not have got through the factory QC checks as they are usually very meticulous.
We always do our very best to resolve things as fast as possible and to everyone's satisfaction if something does occasionally go wrong - It's an important ethos within both companies and I've let Nick at Grovewood know you have posted this too - he will also appreciate your comments.
Thanks again and happy cutting.
Laguna UK

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