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19 Sep 2011
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Nr. Swansea
I was looking on e-bay for a particular type of Apple mouse, found several at a good price. The dealer I chose stated 3 in stock and delivery by Thursday 30th July, I ordered it on the Monday previous. Thursday came and went, then yesterday I had an e-mail from e-bay saying it had been despatched and to expect delivery next Thursday 6th August. I feel I have dealt with one of those rogues who order the item from their supplier when they get the customers order and then send it on. I think this is a bit of a con and the information on the item misleading.
Leave feedback showing your upset but be accurate. Unfortunately this sort of thing does happen, not much you can do about it unless you want to now cancel the order. Check the listing and dispatch details saying how soon they agreed to dispatch withing from payment, maybe argue a partial refund.
Providing you are careful who you deal with (check feedback and be careful if dealing overseas) most eBay transactions are pleasant and trouble free. I recently,however, had a frustrating experience with a business seller CJ Tyzak. I ordered a Japanese mortise chisel/bit for my mortiser. I paid £88 with Paypal. Next day I got an email from eBay saying the seller did not have the goods and had refunded my money. Paypal of course have a policy of holding refunds for around 2 weeks before releasing them back, so I'm out of pocket for a fortnight. Because the transaction was cancelled by the seller I was unable to leave feedback to warn others. Does not seem fair to me.

I can understand your annoyance. What you describe is called "drop shipping". It's a perfectly reasonable way of supplying goods, but not particularly helpful for the buyer. But bear in mind that eBay is a platform, it is not a seller itself.
As I understand it, and in my own personal experience, most eBay fraud is perpetrated by buyers, not sellers. eBay sides with the buyers, regardless of the veracity of the claim, unless it has a knife held at its throat to actually get off its bottom and look at the facts. eBay is a necessary evil in online trading. I have been a victim of online fraud in this way, but I only hold eBay to account for the way that they dealt with it (or rather, didn't), rather than the fraud itself. They don't commit fraud, they simply don't take any serious action when other people do. As long as they get their cut, they are happy.
What saddens me even more is that the fraudster in the case I have in mind is, or at least was, a member of this forum. I cannot prove it, but there is no doubt in my own mind.
It is a sad fact that there are people in this world who get a kick out of behaving dishonestly.

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