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20 Feb 2022
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Bourne Lincolnshire
Hi, We had a load of totally green Oak logs delivered yesterday for our log burner. I know I will have to store these for at least a year before I can use them. Out of a couple of them I cut some square blocks about 125mm x 75mm on the bandsaw for perhaps having a go at carving or some other use. My question is what would be the best way to dry these, do I just leave them indoors or what else would you recommend?
Appreciate any advice and thanks
Store outdoors under a cover of some kind but airy as need to dry naturally or will split. twist etc
I'd have left cutting up till been left to dry so more stable.
Start carving them as you increase the surface area dramatically and speed up drying. You have to be careful which way you cut them up into blocks first though, as they need to be quartered and not include the pith.

Show a picture of them so we can see what you have.

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