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xy mosian

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21 Feb 2009
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West Yorkshire
Hi all,
I am thinking of treating myself to a Graphics Tablet for the winter. As the temperature drops I tend to spend more, too much, time in front of the computer. This leads to stiff fingers and I believe the use of a Graphics Tablet may ease this problem.
My use will be mainly for 2D drawing with tentative moves towards 3D work.
If any of you use a Graphic Tablet could you give me the benefit of your findings please. I am particularly interested any problems you have found. What don't you like about the tablet you have etc.?
It would be easy to go for the market leader but I would rather do some research before buying. I think I will likely end up with a Pen? tablet rather than a screen device. Is that right? No display on the tablet is what I mean.
Thanks in advance.
I have this:

HUION Kamvas Pro 13 Full Laminated Anti-glare Glass Graphic Drawing Monitor 120% sRGB Gamut Graphics Monitor Battery-free Stylus 8192 Levels Pressure Sensitivity Tilt Function (±60°) 13.3 Inch

No complaints, I think it's great.
If I could afford it, I'd get the 12" iPad pro and pencil 2, but that's a grand.
This tablet is £240 and almost as good.

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I use a Wacom Intuos, on Xubuntu Linux as my main pointing device (no mouse), USB or bluetooth. The active area is A5, which is enough for me.

It's nicely programmable, it has four assignable "buttons" on the pen (the tip, two on the side and the "eraser"), and eight assignable buttons on the tablet itself, together with a scroll-wheel/button. It's simple scripting. That said, all the defaults are sensible too.

It has adjustable pressure sensitivity and sensitivity to tilt (depends on the stylus being used though). There are no batteries required in the pen - it's all done inductively at RF - and you can trace through quite a thickness of paper on the tablet.

It's the second Wacom I've had - the first one is serial, and although circa 1995 it's still working.

They're not cheap, but I really like them. I think Samsung licensed their technology for their Galaxy Note tablets. Apple, however, didn't, and my wife has to stick her "Apple pencil" on charge regularly to use with her iPad.

PS: My mum has the big iPad - I think it's overrated to be honest. The neat thing they do have is a data/power port on the long edge, so a keyboard attaches magnetically. That's handy, but the more I use iOs, the more I find I dislike it. The GUI could certainly do with some work!
Sammy, Eric,
Thank you both for your responses.
In the case of the HUION although it looks like a splendid device. It is somewhat outside my budget and also well outside my aspirations.
The WACOM will do the trick I believe. But my the number of different versions, apparantly, available. The most recent model is not easy to use for tracing I read and it has a higher number of dectectable pressure levels. A part of me wonders if the two details are linked. Trying to find the model number, of the earlier model, to correctly indentify it, has been a longish task.
Still I found one, made my mind up to order, must do this before I change my mind, and behold the web site is down.
There is always tomorrow, if I don't change my mind of course.
Thanks again for your input gentlemen.

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