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5 Oct 2016
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Hi all,

could anyone recommend a good quality low noise 50l compressor with a relatively small footprint? uses would be nailers / tyres / blowers etc. I see Axminster has a swan 50l for just over £500 which isn't supposed to be great, but there seems a ton of them around £250 from people like SGS on amazon. Ideally id like a reputable brand that im not going to need to replace in a couple of years or is made of cheapest chinesium

I've got a 50L draper one that I've had for about 2 or 3 years now that's been used quite heavily, I think it cost somewhere around £120 new which seemed a bargain. No problems at all in that period and it still seems completely fine, It'll probably blow up tommorow now that I've said that knowing my luck! :lol: The draper isn't a quiet machine by any means but it isn't overly loud. I also have a little 24L ABAC compressor for carrying around the place, which has been an absolute little trooper for the last 4 years or more, I think it may be nearing the end of its life as it's beginning to rattle a bit sometimes but it may just need a service and new seals and be good as new.

The problem with most small units is that they're loud by nature due to the direct drive from the motor to the piston, there are very few that can claim to be remotely quiet and even then you need to pull out the cash for them. Belt driven machines are marginally better in comparison but you really only ever see them on the 50L+ machines, It also makes them more expensive. For PURE silence, you need a screw compressor, but I'll let you look at the price tags :lol:

SGS don't have the best reputation as it turns out.
A friend suggested Hydrovane compressors, when I wanted one recently. They are extremely quiet (c60db)and don’t need a receiver. The smallest single phase unit they do, secondhand will be within your budget. They are allegedly good for 100,000 hrs, or 50 years on a typical 8hrs a day use.

I’ve bought a big Hydrovane for paint spraying.
Thanks guys, im currently looking at the abac and bambi ranges from Airsupplies, i checked out hydrovanes and screws and almost fell of my chair (even used). I imagine 24-50l would be fine for general woodworking air tools, It's not for spraying as i'll get an HVLP setup to dabble in that