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Good Home Required.


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19 Oct 2002
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Sudbury, Suffolk
This is a somewhat sad tale.

One of my neighbours has passed away in the last fortnight. What I did not know was he used to work on the LNER doing woodwork on the rolling stock etc. Well his son turned up and started to empty the (lockup) garage in to a skip, lots of bits of wood. So I offered to help, I could take the wood and use it in the workshop to save space in the skip. He agreed to me helping but the wood was only good for sawing into fire wood as most of the softwood had signs of wood worm. There were lots of gardening tools but only a few woodworking tools which I have been given.

I have decided that I will keep the two mallets but these two woodies I will not use


They are both in a sorry state. They are not usable in their current state. I have looked but cannot see any marks for the maker or old owners.

If someone out there would like these for a spares or repair project then I will post them off to a good home. Only comment is the cost needs to be reasonable, sending them half way round the world (unless you pay for it) is not an option, sorry.
I can post more pictures if that would be helpful.

So if you can offer a good home to one or both of these old tools please PM me.


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22 Oct 2003
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Up the proverbial creek

Looking at them, the one on the right in particular says "quality tool" to me. I wonder what was on the tips of the fence rods? They don't look quite right for the usual brass tips. I really don't know enough about wooden ploughs; I'm more familiar with the metal ones. And look at that lovely curve on the front edge of the fence... But it's no good, I must be strong. :roll:

Cheers, Alf

So very tempted... :oops:

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