Glueing veneers

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30 May 2018
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I did a bit of this years ago, and feel sure (absolutely certain, in fact) that I used a thixotropic contact adhesive, probably Timebond.
As I remember it, although this glue is a contact adhesive, it allowed you to adjust the position of the veneer a little #provided# you hadn't pressed down at all.
Today, I've been looking to buy some more of such glue, but I see no mention of this facility to adjust position before pressing to 'lock' the veneer in position on the 'ground'.
Am I missing something, or looking at the wrong product?
John, have a search for "impact" adhesive as opposed to "contact" adhesive. The two look the same, are applied in the same manner and smell the same. The Timebond you initially used does sound like an impact adhesive as it offered you the chance to move things around. As the name implies it only adheres once you apply some form of pressure to push the surfaces together.
Unfortunately you will probably have to read heavily into product specification, as you have found the product names are not a true description of the product function.

Evostik Timebond was a product years ago
I dont like using contact/impact type adhesives as I think their bond is a bit rubbery
Have you considered using scotch which has a grab or you could use a hot melt adhesive film
This seems to be the current incarnation of what I used so many years ago:-
Being thixotropic, you don't get stringing like you do with so many contact adhesives. And it seems they've done away with the very smelly solvent you often find.
But the hot melt film option seems like a good one, presumably you apply a hot [clothes] iron to fix it.
Just to complete the 'story', these are what I had originally. 'Timebond' is a useful name for a glue that allows a bit of repositioning (not strictly time, I know). So it's odd to me that they've kept the name, but changed the characteristics, and used it for an 'adhesive that bonds instantly on contact'!