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Hey John, i had a box of "brass jewellery box clasps" in the for sale section
ages ago, still available if interested. Plus some hinges.
Hi sawdust, I found and fitted some from amazon, I only tend to buy these things when I need them thanks for the heads up though. John
To be quite honest I feel quite insulted.
I made 4 boxes 1 for each of my grandchildren that took me many hours and may not be of the quality that you seem to imply that you produce but the Procraft hinges and locks were very well suited for the items that I get enjoyment from making and giving.
We are not all producing Tiffany quality items as you seem to imply you do.
Your box is fantastic. I really didn’t read @TheTiddles as a dig at ‘inferior’ work. In fact the opposite. If you have invested the time, effort and money into the box it deserves the best furniture you can get.
Did you find the boxes you were looking for? Just thought of coleman furniture, maybe something worth checking out.
Of course you can find some on amazon, just don't expect those to be very nice quality.
Would be nice if you could share some pictures with us of the final result.
I'm cautious not to buy very expensive furniture as if ever you try to sell anything its heartbreaking to think I spent more on the hinges than your offering for the whole thing!
I even avoid hinges that aren't made by myself for just that reason.

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