Freehand sharpening (sideways) ;-)

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14 Jan 2009
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I have been around long enough to know there are many ways to skin a cat and that people can get a bit evangelical over their particular preferences, but I am always interested to learn.

I enjoy this guy’s plane-making videos and was interested to watch this one on his sharpening method on an old iron; this seems to work for him.


Actually this was the old iron I was thinking about, but he only hints at the sharpening process in this video

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Looks like classic hollow grind. Main unusual aspect being the sideways action. Interesting. Interesting the way he can lift the blade off the stone to get a camber.

Interesting stones too. Diamond water stones - not seen those before.
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Video too long and slow so didn't watch.
But sideways freehand is perfectly normal, as and when you get the urge. Particularly useful with very cambered blades like a scrub, where you slide it sideways over the stone at about 30º and twist as you go. In fact about the easiest plane blade to sharpen as no great precision is required for the shape, but the 30º edge angle is necessary.

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