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8 Dec 2019
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I've tried to remove the blades to sharpen them in my Fox planer-thicknesser but have run into a problem, which I hope someone can help me with. There are two separate blades, each of which isheld in place by four hex bolts (spare part #22564-200-108). I've managed to remove 3 from one blade clamping device and two from the other, but I can't remove the remaining 3 bolts because the alum key slips when pressure is applied. Can anyone advise me on a. how I can remove these 3 bolts; and b., where I can obtain replacements, please? I suspect I'll probably have to drill out the 3 immovable bolts but don't want to go down that route until I've got replacements.

Thanks in advance. :D
What is this aluminium key? Use/make one from steel seems an obvious starting point.
Every p/t i've used or worked on has had standard hex head or socket cap screws securing the knives and no need to buy makers spare parts.
I obviously used the wrong term to describe the tool I was using to try to remove the bolts: it is the hex Lshaped key which came with the machine; it has worked fine on each of the other bolts but the 3 immovable ones.
You could try giving the stubborn ones a good spray with WD40/Plus Gas etc,leave that to soak in overnight.You have probably rounded the corners of the allen bolts so use a punch or nail and give each one a good sharp rap,that can sometimes loosen things up a bit. Then go up a size in allen key and gently knock it into the allen bolt,with a little luck you should be able to get them out,replacement allen bolts are available and only cost pennies.
No gaurantee it will work but it has done for me in the past :D
Either the Allen (hex) key or the bolt heads are made from too soft a metal. If the Allen key was a freebie with the machine I would strongly suggest that's where the problem lies. Try a decent Allen key or hex socket from the likes of Bondhus, they're not that pricey.
If the bolt head is too pippered you could possibly try a Torx head socket tapped into the hex bolt, but that will be trial and error for a size fit.
If that fails then you may well need to go down the drilling route.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions: I sprayed the recalcitrant bolts, left them overnight, then drilled out the hex head and tapped in a larger hex and bingo! out they came. Now to get on with sharpening the blades.
Thanks again everyone. :D
Whatever you do, don't use the machine with any of the blade retaining fixings missing. The force on the blade at X thousand rpm is huge.