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12 Jan 2015
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Norn Iron
Does anyone remember what's involved in removing the door panel on a Ford Sierra?
I'd guess it is the usual hidden screws behind the door handle and release lever and then either some screws around the edge or hidden push in clips. Even with a proper removal tool I'd imagine they will break as they will be about 30yrs old at the youngest.

Was a long time ago when I took one apart to build my kitcar, didn't need any of the body work though. cost me £50 for the sierra in 2002. Would probably be worth a grand or two now.
Apart from the screws having a trim tool would be handy as they use those plastic push clips and a trim tool gets the trim off without breaking the clip or damaging the trim.

Looks like
Probably be torx head screws under the handles, at least an escort of similar age was. Does it have manual windows? The wire clip that secured the winder was a b#gger for springing off and disappearing, many a happy hour spent on a gravel drive with a magnet 🤬
Don't know if it helps or not, but years ago (prob back in Sierra & Escort times!) someone I knew had a job professionally fitting comms radios and the (then rather large) "mobile" phones into cars, etc. He swore by a set of pedal bike tyre levers - and sometimes a length of thin nylon cord - for removing many such trim bits & their blind clips.

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