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For Sale For Sale Various amounts of Veneer on offer see photo's


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28 Aug 2006
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I have a large amount of Veneer that I am selling and are various quantities and sizes.

Burl No 1.1.jpg
No: 1, 280mm X 190mm 19 Sequence matched sheets of Burl Veneer £120

Burl No 4.jpg

No: 2, 370mm X 290mm 4 Sequence matched sheets of Burl Veneer £44

Elm Burl.jpg

No: 3, 500mm X 165mm 33 Sequence matched sheets of Elm Burl Veneer £230

Burl No 5.jpg

No: 4, 480mm X 330mm 8 Sequence matched sheets of Burl Veneer £72

Crotch Veneer.jpg

No: 5, 310mm X 250mm 7 sequence matched sheets of Crotch Veneer £63

Burl No 6.jpg

No: 6, 620mm Longest point X 250mm Widest width 8 Sequence matched sheets of Burl Veneer £48

Coloured Veneer packs.jpg

No: 7, Various packs of dyed Veneer all have 3 Sq Feet of veneer and are 300mm X 115-165mm varies in width depending on pack

White Dyed Veneer
Black Dyed Veneer
Purple Heart Veneer
Wild Colour Dyed veneer
Green Shades Dyed Veneer
Primary Coloured Dyed Veneer
Great for making bandings and inlay work,

All packs are £24 each

I will be adding more Veneers as I get them down off the shelf also have a lot of Inlay bandings to get out and sell.

Any Questions please message me,
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