FOR SALE: Trend T5 router

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24 May 2004
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If you have not seen the other thread, I have found this router to be a bit underpowered for some hardwoods on the Leigh jig hence the speed dropping occasionally. It's absolutely fine on normal moulding and rebating jobs.

Still a lovely little router and I was going to keep it but have decided to rationalise and replace it with a a single mid-size router that can hold 1/4"-8mm and 1/2" bits. Hence it would hardly get used as it was primarily bought for dovetailing.

It is essentially this except it is the Mk 1. Still comes in a carry case (though not a Trend case, rather a very nice aluminium tool case), with the following,

• Industrial rated
• 850W soft start variable speed motor
• Spring loaded spindle lock for ease of cutter changing
• Micro adjusting side fence
• Three-position turret stop for pre-setting multiple cutting depths
• Includes fine height adjuster for inverted table use
• Compatible with Elu 96 and DeWalt accessories
• Dust extraction adaptor clips into base
• Beam trammel attachment for routing curves and circles

Bought from Axminster originally for £150. Has had maybe 4hr run time. Pretty much as new condition - i.e. no marks or damage. Will blow out any dust from the speed control unit beforehand. I would like £80 o.v.n.o including delivery England/Wales.

Please PM if interested.

thanks Ike
Unashamedly bumping this post in case someone might be interested but missed it t'other day. Last call. Sensible offers anyone?



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