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Collection of routers (Makita, Draper and Macallister)


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24 May 2014
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I'm selling three routers that I no longer use. These are a Draper Expert twin base router, a Macallister 1500W router and a Makita RTO700CX2 1/4" router set.

The Draper and Macallister are in excellent condition and have had little use. The Macallister is ideal for use in a router table because it has a 20mm fine adjustment range which can be set after the initial coarse height adjustment has been made. This router comes in a case with a fence, 1/2" and 1/4" collets and a dust extraction shroud.

The Draper is a twin base use so can be used either as a traditional plunge base router or as a fixed base unit. This fixed base is brilliant for use with Leigh dovetail jigs because the American style Leigh guide bushes can fit straight into the base without any adaptors. It comes with a case, a set of guide bushes, fence and dust extraction hood.

The Makita includes the plunge base, fixed base and angle base together with associated fences, dust collection shrouds and offset followers. I've had to get rid of the fabric case that this router can in because it got mouldy. I don't know why this happened because this has never happened with anything else in my shed. The mould has caused some of the accessories to corrode slightly (the tips of the spanners, the follower etc.) but the bases and router are fine.

I bought these routers when I started getting into woodworking a few years ago but no longer use them hence putting them up for sale. They are ideal as a beginner set since they cover options for table mounting, jig work, freehand work and fine/detailed work.

I am selling all three routers as a set for £140 collected from Harrow, NW London.

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I would be interested in the Makita if you could give me a price and prepare for collection I would have it picked up. Pleasec pm me, thanks