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For Sale Rules & Guidelines. Please read before posting


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7 Aug 2003
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  1. Sellers must have 25 posts to create a listing here.
  2. All items must be directly related to UKW-specific topics (excluding the General Chat forum). No DVD, telescope, vehicles, etc.
  3. Items listed should be properly described and include a fixed price as well as a reasonably precise (within reason) location for collection or delivery purposes. Images are required.
  4. Sellers cannot use this forum for any commercial or advertising purposes. On a one off basis, at the discretion of moderators, members may be able to list surplus items from a larger purchase.
  5. This site does not accept responsibility for any issues that may arise through the sale or free offering of an item. As in any sale of this nature members are advised to take the usual precautions. Caveat emptor.
  6. New members will not be able to send PM’s regarding posts in this section until their post count exceeds 3. If required reply directly in the thread.
  7. Any posts that are seen as inappropriate or unsuitable will be removed. Unhelpful or critical replies to posts will not be tolerated.
  8. The above rules and guidance may be amended at any time.
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