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2 Feb 2021
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south Wales
Hello Everyone
I have a problem with my Fobco star bench drill. It started going slow so switched it off and took off the casing to find the motor spindle pulley flopping about. Looking at it the motor spindle shaft ( if that is what it's called ) is very worn, also there was no shaft key / feather key. Can the shaft on the motor be changed or do I need to look for a new or used motor. Not sure if I need a new pulley spindle. I have searched for parts and found nothing. I love this old drill but have no mechanical skills at all. Does anyone know somewhere I can get it repaired? Thanks in advance.... Steve


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Three routes, one, just buy a new motor, however I’m guessing it will have an imperial shaft so take a deep breath.

The other is to get the shaft turned down and a sleeve silver soldered / brazed on, probably turned again to size.

There might be enough metal around the pulley hole to allow it to be enlarged to a standard metric size. You can then either buy a much cheaper metric motor or again get the old motor sleeved.

The Key will be a standard size, you just buy the appropriate size. Usually given in the manual on a machine of this vintage.

I haven’t worked on / restored a Fobco star so far so don’t have hands on experience of one.
looked at the photo's,
think I'd find another pulley, new or used but with a metric size and then buy a new motor.....
or buy a Lidils special, rob the parts u need and bin/sell the rest.....
cheap as chips....less than €100 idf I remember.....
If there was no shaft key, then that was probably the cause of the problem. The alloy pulley would spin on the motor shaft and wear both the pulley and motor shaft.
deema has given you the best advice.

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