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10 Jun 2020
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I want to buy a Scroll saw, and I narrowed it down to this 2 (in my budget):
• Proxxon DSH
• Scheppach Deco-XL

I want to make wooden toys for my kid and IF I can get good at it, to start selling them.

Which one should I buy?
I preffer to buy the saw from my country (Romania), and those two can be bought from here. I briefly looked at Hegner Multicut 1, but it's over my budget, and the fix speed is not the best thing in my opinion.

So, what do you guys think I should buy?

If I broke any rule, please tell me so I wont do it again.

I suggest that first of all you spend a bit of time searching through the posts in this section, especially the 1st post that is fixed at the top of this section. It explains in some detail of the finer points of scroll saws and what to look for in whatever model you're thinking of.

I don't know either of the scroll saws you mention but believe that the Proxxon will be of a MUCH higher quality than the Sheppach. But the Proxxon MAY be a bit more limited in cutting capacity - I'm not sure, check the spec.

Also I believe from other posts here that the Sheppach is in fact a re-badged/different colour version of a "standard" scroll saw machine that is made for different companies but all coming from the same factory in China - basically all very much the same machine, just different colours, different badges, a few "fancy" differences on some, AND most important, all at different prices!

Do you have either of the German discounters Aldi or Lidl supermarkets in Romania? If Yes check there because I'm 99% certain that the Sheppach saw you mention will appear there from time to time (but with a different colour and a MUCH lower price - but basically just the same machine)!

Hope that helps. A bit of time spent searching through previous posts in this section will almost certainly save you money and aggravation.
I looked a bit through the forum before posting, the pinned post included.

Proxxon DSH data: 230V. Powerful, brushless 2-speed motor (205W). Stroke alternatively 900 or 1,400rpm. Stroke length 19mm. Throat 400mm. Maximum cutting depth 50mm, at 45° mitre 25mm. Weight approx. 20kg. pin/pinless fixing.

Scheppach Deco-XL data: 230-240V, 125W Brushed Motor, Variable Speed 550-1600rpm, Cutting height / depth: 50 / 406 mm,
Table adjustment 45 °, Weight approx. 13kg. pin/pinless fixing.

I dont know if Lidl had this product or will have in the near future, but from what I saw in previous posts the model might be another, the Schppach Deco Flex, an older version of this one.
OK, good luck with your search - I can understand your wish to buy from your own country, obviously MUCH easier if anything goes wrong with a new machine.

BTW, what is the second hand market for scroll saws like in Romania? Buying "S/H" CAN be a risk but you can also get a much better machine than your budget for new allows. Again searching this section will give you a good idea of the brands to look out for.

Also I note that you're interested in toy making. Do you know about the site linked to below? In the USA and excellent plans which you download in .pdf format then print off as many times as you like. I have made several and find them all very detailed and excellent designs with full instructions (apart from being a customer I have NO connection to this company):

Hope that helps.

P.S. Poster nev is quite right, if you want to make "big" toys (like outdoor/garden/ride-on) cars and stuff, then a band saw is ideal - ideally you need both though ;-)
I just had another thought about toys - IF you're interested.

If you look in the Projects section of this Forum you'll see several posts by member dalboy, including at least one of the Mercedes truck toy from the above link. He works to a VERY high standard and his posts are always worth a look if you're interested in toys. For example:


The above is more of a "high class model" than a toy, but there's also:


A couple of others too.

Proxxon DSH have not so great blade clamps.... Your model have those ? Buy bag of longer hex bolts, this clamps broke them. And remove broken short piece is nightmare.


But if you don't do fretwork like that... This saw have really great quality.... don't buy saw blades with pegs that was my beginner mistake.

Changing blades for each cut was insane.
flower clock.jpg

Find quality saw blades like that.
I use series Sprinter Taifun really god finish cut quality. For thicker wood buy big numbers #7-#12


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