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Rob B

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28 Aug 2017
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West Dorset
Registered today so thought I'd start by telling how I got here.
I'm just erecting a new shed to be a workshop and decided to have a look at my late dads tools mostly pre-war unused in probably 60 years. He was a cabinet maker in the 20s and 30s.
Stanley 4, 51/2 and 7, Marples 51/2 all in reasonable oily condition. My dad loved oil! :lol: A Record 042 in its wooden box.
Wooden planes, spokeshaves both wood and metal. Disston dovetail saw and a few others.
I Sorby chisels and lots of bits and pieces, all in a wooden tool box he bought from a german soldier after D-day.
I intend to clean them up but not going to restore them as I'd like them to stay as my dad left them so for "new" stuff I went to the market/boot sale in Dorchester yesterday and bought a few chisels, a rusty plane, rusty skewback and other rough pieces for about £5.
These bought tools I will bring up to as good a finish as possible and will use them so roll on the shed this week so I can get going.
Hope that wasn't too long.
Welcome to the forum Rob. Sounds like you're off to a good start having all your dad's tools.
Look forward to seeing the shed !

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Thanks for the welcome, found some more chisels, very rust so using the guide AndyT recommended.
Everything except the Stanley planes and Disston are Sheffield made and hope to have the shed up by the end of the week.
No doubt I'll be picking brains in the near future and everyone seems helpful.
Welcome Rob. Sounds like the purchase of the toolbox was a tale in itself.
Welcome and good luck with the project. It's a special thing, having and using your dads tools. I've got a few of my grandfathers woodworking tools and I'm like you as far as leaving them as they are is concerned. His no.4 is the only one of my planes I haven't stripped and restored.
Look forward to seeing the shed built.
Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy the woodworking. Feel free to ask any questions, I'm sure we'll do our best to help.
Thanks all,
Been de-rusting some of the chisels found in the old shed so fingers crossed. Shed should be completed at the weekend.
Bm101...My dad bought it of the German, honest. :lol: Weighs a ton so don't know how he would have retreated with it.
Rob B":jciuovj5 said:
My dad bought it of the German, honest. :lol: Weighs a ton so don't know how he would have retreated with it.

Ahhhhh. :wink:
I think I saw the film. Tom Hanks and Matt Damon wasn't it?
Saving Buck and Ryan.

We will need pics of the toolbox now. :D
Thanks all,
Cleared the site for the new shed and had to remove 20 year old hazel trees and was wondering if suitably dried whether the wood is useful, only ok for burning or taking to the tip? I was thinking of maybe chisel handles or legs for a stool. I will be starting simple as it's a long time since woodwork at school.
Weather permitting, new fence and shed should be up next week at the latest.
Hazel used to be widely used for making walking sticks, reinforcing thatch and for making hurdles. It doesn't grow big enough to be worth planking so was generally used as round sticks. I'd say it was well worth trying out as legs for a stool or for handles.
Thanks Andy,
That's good, won't throw it away now, lots to dry out instead, some about 6-8inches diameter and much suitable for legs. Perhaps I'll leave the bark on.

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