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My first GCODE.

You may laugh but it’s been a long journey to get this far. I spent the day today mostly m ironing out issues with steps and related to the fact that it’s basically a metric machine, but I want to run it in imperial. 1 inch is 25.4 times 1 mm, which is quite enough to cause a problem with almost every parameter in the system, and cause the machine to literally go off the rails.

Plus I am completely new to CNC, and it’s a whole subject in its own right.

I have to say, the modern zero backlash ballscrews are a total revelation. I can see myself fitting them to my old machines, which all have appalling backlash and worn lead screws.

I will get some proper Gcode running tomorrow.

The final destination for my CNC machine, I’ve repurposed the camping equipment shelves 😎 I still need to sort out some drag chains etc for it.