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first post and some advice on a FOX sliding mitre saw.


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Kustom Kreation

New member
4 Nov 2011
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Hi All , this is my first post here on the forums.

After finally getting around 350 euros to spend on a decent mitre saw for i'm looking at some options.

i found this at one of the local stores and have noticed that there has been some discussions about FOX tools on here.

I've been looking at the F36-259DB 305mm double bevel saw.
you can find the saw if you look on the fox tools website

Does anyone have any experience with this particular model??? any comments, is it worth the money?


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6 Oct 2007
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Hi Kustom,

I am not directly familiar with that model saw but would be the first to say that Fox do a decent range of machinery at a more than fair price. I did have a Fox sliding mitre saw, single bevel 250mm and it was fine, easy to use repeatably accurate and quiet ( as much as they can be ). Sturdily built and never lacked the power or capability I asked of it. Problem was I found it too large and heavy for site work, not fun carrying those up and down 3 storeys. So I have a little Makita now, one of those 7" blade quad rail ones. ( I forget the model number ) and thats fine. Not better than the Fox really, just more manouvreable I suppose.
At the time I bought the Fox SCMS I had a Fox table saw......Very impressed with that, it worked 6 days a week flat out for 4 years with 3 different users and the only problem was the power cable supplied was too lightweight and the saw could not get enough juice. Just used a heavier gauge cable and all fine. That saw was sold in a workshop move and now I have its big brother, the Fox sliding beam table saw. with a proper outrigger. Its a great piece of kit, it works hard , used daily and I still have to find any real fault with it.
Fox machinery is basically Delta machinery, which obviously has ties to Record somewhere along the line.............Just look at the designs..............
I nearly got a large floorstanding morticer from Fox as well, until I noticed that just about every floorstanding 240 volt morticer on the market was this design................So I just bought the Draper badged version for £380 delivered ( with a good set of free chisels and augers) instead of the £800 Scheppach or £700 Record etc etc ,version of the same thing.
Should be a good choice Kustom.I think you will find though, there is not much support for Fox machinery on here. No good reason, just how things are.