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4 Mar 2016
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I have been looking at extractors, this is the one I have found, anyone here using the Record DX1000? DX1000 Fine Filter 45 Litre Extractor

bear in mind I only use a bandsaw most of my work is handtools but I am still getting fine dust sometimes (I always wear a mask in case you wondered)

I did have a wet/dry vac but it packed in recently, so am looking for a replacement, and don't want something that's too big either physically.

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The DX1000 is a vacuum extractor, meaning it's got good filtration but relatively low airflow. That makes it best suited to fine dust from smaller tools, mostly anything handheld, sanders, and smaller bandsaws. It won't cope with a decent sized planer/thicknesser, for example, which needs a much higher volume of extraction. However, the high volume extractors you'll need for that are (a) much larger and (b) generally don't have the same filtration as a vacuum unit, so for what you've described the vacuum is probably the right choice. I've not used the DX1000 specifically, but my experience of the Record Power units generally has been pretty good, and choosing between them is basically a question of your personal trade-off between power, size and cost.

The filter is also a good idea. That's probably the model I'd buy if I had a permanent electricity supply to connect it to.
I am in the same position - so watching answers with interest...

The filter is also a good idea. That's probably the model I'd buy if I had a permanent electricity supply to connect it to.

Are you suggesting that you would buy both?
The DX1000 is rated at 53 L/s, which is about 112 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Depending on your bandsaw, that might not be enough, but it is certainly better than nothing. The Internet wisdom suggests the desired airflow for a 14-inch bandsaw is 350 to 400 CFM, but I couldn't find anything for smaller bandsaws.

My small shop is in a fully enclosed basement with no external windows or doors, so I have to be very careful about dust extraction and monitoring. In addition to the 3HP dust collection system for the large power tools and vacuum/cyclone for the smaller tools, I have the AC400, and it works great. The AC400 provides a slight breeze while it is filtering the air, so that is a bonus. Jet and other manufacturers make a larger unit, but the AC400 is the only size that fits in my shop.

I use a Dylos DC1700 air quality monitor to let me know when the dust is accumulating. If I let the AC400 run on the lowest speed for about 15 minutes, the particle count drops considerably. When I'm doing a lot of sanding, I let it run continuously on the lowest speed and never have a problem. I wear a mask when I'm sanding, but don't wear one otherwise.

For what it's worth, my shop has a lower particle count than the rest of the house. The DC1700 doesn't distinguish between pollen, dust, or any other delight that is suspended in the air. When the pollen is in the air, the particle count in the living room and rest of the house can be 15,000 to 25,000. The particle count in the shop during this time with the AC400 running is less than 150.
I know it's 3 times the price, but if you're looking for compact, then I'd definately recommend the twin motor camvac. Super impressed with mine. when one motor is on, it's ok, when two motors are on, it's crazy how powerful it is.

If have under table dust collection (or have done a DIY version) I think you'd collect 95% of the dust.