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FTAGH Festool Systainer


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Phil Pascoe

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29 Jan 2012
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Shaft City, Mid Cornish Desert
I bought over the weekend a Festool jigsaw which once out of the box will never go back in it. Anyone who wants it can have it for the P&P, which shouldn't be much as it's light. I'll leave it until 7.00pm tomorrow and draw lots if there's more than one, if it hasn't gone then the first person after that can have it.

The P&P is a fiver.
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Yes please - I have just bought a second-hand Carvex with no systainer.

Also which one did you go for? If it’s a Carvex I’ve just bought grub screws to do the wobbly blade fix - let me know if you want one.
am I missing something......?....all tool containers just get binned at my place....
got enough junk.....
Neat containerised storage that means can keep the tools and accessories together. They have a standardised footprint that locks together for stacking and transporting.
Not just for festool kit, I have one with a welder, rods, leads etc all in. Means it doesn’t get covered in dust and I don’t have to spend time wondering where I left stuff.
I keep a biscuit jointer in a case because it's easily damaged, an SDS drill, a multi tool and an impact driver in cases because of the multifarious accessories kept with them. Battery drills, jigsaws, routers and circular saws never see their cases again.

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