Festool sander


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7 Feb 2012
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I have been drooling over Festool sanders for a while now and wishing I could afford one, but then I got a letter saying I am getting some money in April, I will be 80 in April so the state pension people have very kindly said I am entitled to extra money, which is 25p per week?, I could save it and in one year I will have £13, so in 10 years when I am 90 it will be £130, hardly Festool money, so I will have to keep drooling, never mind,
I've just looked at how much on is, gosh, you're probably better off buying a lottery ticket every 8 weeks!
I think the festool sander is over rated. Mirka is much better.

Yes I have a festool sander.ETS 125 REQ-Plus 240V

I've had both (still got the Festool ETS)
Something went wrong with my Deros and it vibrated pretty badly. I did have it a while and it got used a lot. It was out of warranty so I ended up selling it (clearly stating it wasnt in good nick) and it sold very quickly.
Apart from the paddle, it was good. The body shape is comfier than the Festool but I think the festool is the better overall. Normal on button and instant stop is so nice.