Festool Rotex 125 or ETS EC 150/5


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4 Jun 2019
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Hey All

Yes I am a Festool fan and wondering which one of the above to get. The only reason I would go with a Rotex is for its dual purpose but im told that its heavy i.e. great when using it flat but a pain otherwise. As far as my needs go the ETS EC will work just fine I always like to future proof myself especially since they are not cheap

I have no experience of either sander you mention but do have a Rotex 150. The weight has never been a problem but I don't actually use it that much.

On the Festool Owners Group people sometimes comment that the Rotex 125 can be hard to handle (I think a bit jumpy?) and that for some reason the Rotex 150 is easier to handle and runs smoother.
I have the Rotex 125 and it is a bit skittish; not difficult to handle, but there’s a knack to it. I have the older ETS150/5 which is my go-to sander for most things. The ETS EC is a very good machine by all accounts, and would be my choice between the two, unless I had specific need for the smaller pad. HTH! P
Yes I have a 125 and it takes loads of getting used to.
I’m basically the only one in the workshop who can handle it.
Not what I would call “an amazing sander”
I have both 150's, the rotex in geared mode is a beast to handle, but in random mode its ok. the ets ec is a dream to use but they have different uses, the ets is classed as a finish sander