Extention bed....er....?


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12 May 2022
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Penkridge, UK
Hi , only me.
Just need help with my Axminster CCL lathe. (Each time I read about this model of lathe I find out it is older than I thought it was.)
Again, the A to my Q is probably staring me in the face, but what does the extension bed do? I thought it was to increase the distance between centres. On inspection, if you moved the headstock onto the extension it would be out of line with the tailstock? The headstock does rotate horizontally, but that doesn't add to the DBC?
Ergo, I believe the extension is to extend the radius of the piece, unfettered by the ways, to work a big bowl, whatever.

Cheers again, again.
Do you have a picture of the part you have? Or can you link to one somewhere?

I looked yesterday for 'axminster extension bed' and everything that pops up appears to bolt to the _tailstock_ end of the lathe, making the bed longer, as you say.

For large diameter stuff, as you say, you spin the headstock 180 degrees so it points to the left.

For increased spindle height above the ways, the device might be called a 'headstock riser' but it needs some thought as it interacts rather strongly with the drive system. A headstock riser alone might not have much use as it would need a tailstock riser and toolpost riser to be fully functional.
What Phil said.
The headstock should be left where it is, the bed extension comes with fittings to bolt directly on to the tail end of the bed to increase the spindle capacity between centres nothing to do with radius.
That is of course assuming we're discussing the same type of extension, photos would confirm if that's the case.

There was another extension available which from memory bolted to the back of the headstock and came with a toolrest extension specifically for outboard turning but if it's that then I don't understand your comment of being out of line with the tailstock as the latter isn't used with the headstock rotated.
Thsi has me a bit confused as well, then I went to look at my RP lathe. There are fittings at the tailstock end to accept an extension, I had one on my old lathe but not now. A bit of care setting up and it all lined up properly. Then I realised that because the headstock has the motor and switches sort of integrated, and you can rotate and slide it along, it would have been be possible to put my lathe together backwards - so the extension bed fittings are at the headstock end. The only visible difference would be the label on the bed being the wrong side. I don't know the Axminster, likely to be different. So - photos of lathe and of the extension would be a great help to un-muddle ourselves.
Think only some pictures is gonna sort this one out. My understanding of a bed extention is to extend the bed length and the tail stock mounts on top of it thus extending the length between centers. There are attachments for outboard turning that the banjo and tool rest can be mounted on and used when the headstock is rotated. Usually called outboard attachments or outboard tool rests. Some are even floor standing or have a stabalising foot on the floor.

Like this perhaps ?

It can also be used to extended the 'normal' bed length for increased length between centres ....