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22 Jun 2014
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Been given some branches off a large Eucalyptus tree today, never used it before and wondered if there is any things to look out for when using it as i have heard some woods are dodgy when machined? It will be going up into workshop rafters to dry out but will try and dry a small piece out quicker in the sun. I did peel the bark off one piece and it came off in a 5mm strip leaving the fine grained very light coloured wood, haven't a clue what colour it is once seasoned?.
Can anyone recommend a book or website for identifying wood/trees as I have loads drying and no idea what most of them are (they were all wrecked when our woodland was hit by gales last year)
Meant to add: if you scroll down the page there are many oyther Eucalyptus species you can click on.
Cheers that's a great website will sort some pieces out to identify and glad to see its no more toxic than others, I have some chunks of Hawthorn too that's been drying about 5 years so will slice a piece of it.
Thanks for your help
I am told that the UK grown stuff tends to be very fast growing and not much use. But 2 caveats to that:

1. There are loads of species if it, and you may be lucky
2. You don't need big boards or lumps for many of your uses so may get away with pieces that are useless to many people.
Aye best thing with Intarsia is you can use small scraps, its must be expensive if you want to make wooden furniture as a hobby with the price of Oak etc, have often thought of making a table or chair then when you price it up its cheaper to buy one lol.
Claymore":y0ifca2r said:
have often thought of making a table or chair then when you price it up its cheaper to buy one lol.

It certainly is, Ollie! Mm, mmmn.

But we don't make stuff to save money, we make it for just about every other reason. :)

I have a friend who has a ukulele made from a eucalyptus tree that grew, and fell, in their garden.
I might make a Koala Intarsia out of the eucalyptus wood........also cut down some large apple trees and have Rowen tree going soon so will see what the woods like for Intarsia the Rowen is 30ft and 14" trunk got to go as its ready for falling on the farm track.
I've turned a few pieces, which was interesting - a few voids within the piece which sometimes pop when you get to them - I guess that's why it's not used for furniture etc.