Emco Rex B30 planer thicknesser


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5 Sep 2016
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I recently purchased an Emco Rex B30 planer thicknesser. It was very cheap, primarily (I thought) because it had been pretty badly treated, left to corrode in a humid barn for years. Turns out the seller knew exactly what he was doing, and "to be honest we've never used it as a planer" actually meant "the infeed table mechanism is broken, and some halfwit has taken it apart without a clue what they were doing..."

Anyway, the upshot is that a couple of crucial parts of the infeed rise/fall mechanism are broken, plus I'm working blind as I don't know for certain how it looked when new.

Does anyone have (a) a manual for the Emco Rex B30 or, (b) any spares or, (c) a B30 rotting in their garden that I could harvest for parts?

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

(Incidentally the rest of it cleaned up very nicely, and it runs really well, just a shame I can't plane anything accurately...)


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Bit of an eye-stinging price, but if you get completely stuck...

I used to have one - it'll be great when you've done it!
Also there was a chap on here asked "what is this?" and it was a Rex. I replied to the post so will dig out the user name. You could pm them?
Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to reply - much appreciated.

Unfortunately the B30 doesn't seem to be related to the B20 mechanically, so alas the B20 manual isn't much help... :-(

It does seem like a pretty decent machine, and unlike my current Axminster (also a restoration job) it uses really heavy blades that ought to give a better finish. Here is a picture of one I found online:

I know of Emco mainly as engineering machine makers of good reputation

You might get somewhere contacting these people? https://www.emcoshop.at/en/331-conbined ... emcorexb30
I've also seen references to some link with Metabo
I also found several references to these machine in the US and surprisingly aftermarket helical cutter blocks which would suggest there is a viable market. Try asking on US forums for manuals
At least with a manual you can find out what you are missing even if they are made of unobtainium!
Good luck
Thanks so much - really helpful. I've emailed the Austrian business (albeit in English) so we'll see if I get any response.

Posting on US forums is a good shout. I hadn't realised spiral cutter heads were available over there. Great idea!

(BTW, I believe the components in question are hand-forged by elves from unobtanium, quench hardened with unicorn tears, and burnished to a gleaming finish using a cloth made from leprechaun beards...)