Elektra Beckum Saw table. Unidentified parts


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6 Feb 2020
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We have acquired an Elektra Beckum PK200 saw table with some parts that we can't identify.

The picture shows a green part which is obviously some kind of fence, adjustable for angles, but we can't see how it is supposed to fit to the table.

The two black parts are designed to slide along something and be tightened in place, but we're not sure where they fit.

Can anyone help?


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The fence that you show is from an EB planer not a saw bench.
I don't recognise the black parts.


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I have a pk 200 albeit a newer version but it looks the same.

Like said the green fence isn't part of the table saw.
The fence on these was a basic aluminium with single screw clamp at the font, not brilliant but did the job.

I think the black parts may be part of the sliding crosscut table accessory. You should have got 2 longer aluminium bars that fit at the front and back of the saw. the sliding table and extension support fit onto these bars. "these look like the bit the chap is holding in the background"
Yes we've got the aluminium extension bars, and it did seem as though the black parts should fit on to them, but we couldn't see how, or what purpose they would serve. A picture would really help.
My saw now resides at my parents house but I've pulled these images off the net.
You may have gotten the extension support table highlighted in red. I believe the black parts fix to the bottom of it to secure it onto the aluminium extension bars.

I think the sliding crosscut sledge and support where optional extras so may not have been included with your saw.



looking at your pictures again, the black parts like the fence may have come from a different machine.
I can have a look at mine on Wednesday to let you know for sure.
Hi Richard,

Do you still have this fence? Im currently restoring an old 1992 model and think this might fit and be one of the parts I'm missing. Would be interested in buying it if you still have it.

Cheers, John