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25 May 2021
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I have acquired a (vintage) Black and Decker D265 power tool table which fits on the Black and Decker Workmate. I would like to use this to set up a router table but I am missing some key parts. Specifically, there was a set of 'special nuts' (part 32) for attaching the table in place of the back part of the top of the workmate. These seem to be shaped to slide into the slots on the workmate. I suspect I could just bolt it down. The router guard (part 31), vacuum adaptor (part 30) and router cutter discs (part 26) would also be good to have. I would really appreciate photos of the parts I need if anyone has them - that would help me cobble together my own versions!

Or maybe I should just give up and make a router table with a piece of mdf to fit the workmate?
Hi James,

I think those are the clamps for attaching power tools under the table. I have my router attached but my issue is attaching the 'power tool table' to the workmate. B&D supply 'special nuts' (part 32) which allow the table to be slotted in to the keyholes on the frame of the workmate, so it can be slotted in and out easily, like the back part of the workmate top. I have contacted B&D support and had very helpful response from Charlene (on Sunday too!) so I am hopeful that they may be able to find some!

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