Elektra Beckum BAS 315/ Metabo spare part "trunnion block"


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15 Jan 2015
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Picked up an Elektra Beckum BAS 315 Band saw on Friday.
Almost mint condition.
Other than having to order a couple of saw blades for it there's only one issue.
The table trunnion block is broken - fine in the horizontal but there's a chunk out of the side of the tilt slot so can't be set accurately.
As I can't locate anything as regards EB I wonder if an earlier Metabo block might be the same.

Also managed to find a 7 page manual on line but there's a more comprehensive one of 13 or so pages, also some of just 4 . Can't find one in English or if I do I have to sign up to something. Don't trust those.
Where best to go for a download?
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I wouldn't want to buy another part if its going to be made from the same delicate pot metal castings, which you may have yet to find out.
How is your guides, any cracks on the castings?

Bedford saw and tool used to do bits like guides to fit the EB range,
but have you any real need to have the table tilted?
I would get using the saw and then decide on if its necessity, or if you're happy
without for now.

I'm ok for the moment so can crack on once the new blades arrive.
Just my preference to have things right so if / when I need it it's ready to go.
I'll take a photo of the part.
Did wonder about a thin, slotted steel plate to reinforce it.
Worse than I thought. Ok in horizontal but no chance of tilting it.
Note taken re useless pot metal. Maybe wait for an old scrapper.
Will strip it out though and see if it might accept a steel facing plate .


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I'll strip it out and have a look. If there's space on the carrier I might go for a slotted steel strip. A mate is a metalworker and has an English Wheel so we could do a tidy job. Why they didn't save the broken out bit and epoxy it back in I don't know. Not perfect but might have been an acceptable fix.
More resolvable issues. Always problems with second or more hand machines.
Put in a new blade and rotated it a few times. I could see it was going on and off the rear thrust bearing. I assume that to be knackered tyres and the blade not sitting true.
Confirm please anyone?
The top blade guide had a little washer used as a spacer on the right side? This had skewed the holder slightly. Why?
Further in and the left guide bearing wasn't turning as the old blade had run on it continuously as the blade wasn't central to the carrier. Hell, there's 2 obvious nuts there to realign it. Freed up and OK now.
Similarly the bottom guide was off to.
Anyway new tyres being delivered tomorrow from Bedford Saw & Tool so all should be good.

At £70 all in, for a generally mint looking machine, can I really complain ?
Finally set up and wonderful to use.
2 little issues.

1) Is the defective side bearing in the blade guide. 3 run perfectly but the one which the the blade previously continuously ran hard on, while now free turning, has a damaged running surface so isn't always in contact with the blade. It may be possible to improve this and flat the surface but I feel that's unlikely to be perfect. Are these replaceable?

2) It didn't come with an adjustable protractor type mount. Any recommendations? I have an old el cheapo one came off something else but it lacks real precision.