Secondhand machinery v new. Electra Beckum PKF255 Vs GTS10xc

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14 Aug 2019
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Dear Team,

After lurking for ages, I have now registered. So thank you in advance for your help and knowledge, it has been a great help from the side-lines so far.

I am now building my first real workshop, fortuitously for me, a small local shop is restructuring and getting rid of lots of tools

Below I have listed the tools I am interested in buying, the price asked (negotiation possible) and the new tool I was previously considering. Would you guys kindly consider chipping in on these comparisons. I am slowly coming round to the idea that some older tools are better than their modern equivalents, however if there is not much in it, I would prefer the security of a warranty especially as these are not shelf queens but relatively hard worked tools from a working shop.

1. Planer thicknesser: Scheppach HMS260 asking price £450. I was considering the Metabo HC260C at around £520. These seem to be from a similar mould. The Metabo has better dust extraction and a warrantee. The Scheppach had a broken belt to the feeding rollers (being replaced by the seller) but otherwise seemed in good working order. Numbers on the side suggest it is a 1996 model, mustard yellow with brown belt covers. Anything to consider, one way or the other?

2. Table saw: Electra Beckum PKF255 asking price £650. I was considering the Bosch GTS10 XC 230v at around £560. This is clearly a more serious saw, but the number of attachments seemed a little overwhelming. Am I being stupid to even consider the Bosch here?

3. Band saw: Electra Beckum BAS 315 at £230 Vs Record Power BS250 at around £235.

4. Air filter Jet AFS1000 at £100. Are these any good. I hear they have problems with the circuit boards, but that they can be sourced easily. I believe that the batteries in the remote may have exploded, if this is unfixable, can these be sourced?

5. Chip extractor: Seller lists a DeWalt DW61 at £150. I can't find this online, anyone aware of it?

Many thanks in advance.

Worth noting, I can reclaim VAT on new machinery also.


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24 Aug 2008
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Hi, and welcome. What a bonus to find that a local joiner is off-loading some kit at just the time you need it.

Just as a semantic aside, by "tools", people will assume you mean hand-held kit, either hand-tools or electric (battery or mains). Most people would refer to the stuff on your list as "machines/ machinery". You'll have lots of hand-tool guys looking in here expecting to discuss the quality of steel in old chisels or plane irons.......

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