Electrical diagram software ¦¦ Open Source?


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23 Mar 2024
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Hi All,

So I'm going to start a journey in electrically dismantling and troubleshooting a Record Power Planer Thicknesser - RSPT260,

With that in mind, I thought if I'm going to analyse it, I might as well record the circuitry et al (and later share it),

So the question here is, what open source software would you guys recommended?

I know this is wood working, but though I'd give a shot and ask :)

Thank you in advance...
Its already in the manual might save you some time:

wiring diagram.png
Visio market an electrical circuit diagram for their product, usually free for first use.


  • Electric layout French 30-08-2021 Latest.pdf
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You are likely to find it quicker and easier to hand-draw the diagram.
Free software that is easy to use includes Fritzing, which may also be most appropriate to you use. More complex software includes the geda suite of tools, free (but only in cost) are the basic versions of DesignSpark and Eagle.
Try Dia as a free alternative to Visio.

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