Dust extractor sizing / TS200 setup


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25 Sep 2011
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Right, after scouring several tool shops and many hours of researching, I have settled upon buying an Axminster TS-200 for my small hobby workshop. I plan to buy the saw and sliding table but leave the right hand extension and leg stand, and modify/construct as follows, largely drawn from the many useful threads of other TS-200 owners (thanks guys!):

* Change the blade for a Freud LP30M (220mm) - modify the riving knife to suit or fabricate a new one
* Zero clearance insert - plenty of advice on how to do this here
* Fence - get a Delta 36-T30 T-square type fence which should give me at least 30" to the right of the blade, although if I offset the rails I can get greater capacity at the expense of capacity to the left of the blade, and making the whole thing bigger. Not sure where I'm going to go with that yet
* Router table - mount a Triton RTA300 to the right hand side, which will also be my extension table. I will need to have a narrow extra bit in between this and the saw table, size dependent on the fence rail mounting. I was already considering this table as a good all-round package to go with my TRA001 and when I saw Ateallthepies' set-up it convinced me that's the way to go, probably need to add angle iron supports
* Add a fixed outfeed table approx. 200mm to bring the rear of the saw table level with the router table
* Add a means to fit a larger rear outfeed table by sliding a pair of circular/square tubes within larger tubes fixed to the rear of the saw/outfeed table. Makes it easily removeable for storage
* Dust extraction - fabricate some perspex guards for the front and rear cabinet penetrations similar to RobertMP's, also seal up the webbed table to cabinet joints in a similar fashion. Build a dust extraction hopper to go underneath the saw with an extraction port at the base
* Build this all into a frame with levelling feet and a pair of wheels attached to the back of the rear legs just above floor height. To move it around, I would pick up the front and the wheels then contact the ground, and I can move it about like a wheelbarrow (I've seen a similar thing before employed for workbenches)

All well and good (I hope) and should address most/all of the saw's shortcomings and leave me with an accurate, mobile, compact-ish sawing/routing station. My main query is the dust extractor sizing. I want to get a HPLV extractor which will serve the saw and power tools (router/random orbit sander/guided track plunge saw); currently I'm considering the Numatic NV750/NVD750. I don't have a planer/thicknesser and don't plan to get one for a while, so the biggest demand will be the table saw. In people's judgement, would the NV750 give sufficient oomph to extract from a reasonably well-sealed cabinet and the crown guard well enough, or will the twin motor system give a noticeable improvement? For the twin motor extractor I wouldn't be able to use both motors and my router (2000W) without upgrading the consumer unit circuit breaker, currently the sockets all come off a single 16A circuit although the workshop's dedicated consumer unit and supply cable could draw double that without difficulty.