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I use the Stanley 59 version, it only has provision for drilling a single dowel hole at a time and for my woodwork it works great, and because it only comes with Imperial bushes I had to learn to grind my own lip and spur drill bits, and make my own dowels to suit, but I think these guys are talking about a whole different ball game with their expected levels of accuracy!

I have a Stanley 59 as well. it's good for getting a dowel into a tight space or splicing in a new section of broken chair or table leg. I can get everything to line up if the joint is so badly broken it won't glue back as is. Mine came with a full set of bushes (eight in all I think?) and most will accept a metric drill bit that's close enough in size. It's a nice little tool.

I also have two sets of Record 148 doweling jigs but find them so fiddly I usually resort to the Wodens. They're great for end or edge dowels.
They need a piece of sacrificial 2x1 for doweling into a face side. But this acts as a story stick after the first set of holes have been drilled.

They make joining mitres easy as well. Perfect alignment every time.
I'm looking to drill equidistant dowel holes into parallel mdf sheets to support movable shelving.
Why not make your own jig.

I use a rectangular piece of 6mm ply, mark it out with the hole arrangement I need, set from the bottom and front of the carcase, run a 5mm bit through, offer it up to the cabinet side/s and use another 5mm bit, drilled through a block of wood to act as a depth stop, simples, and basically free.
For dowel joints then precision is absolutely critical, many if not most dowel jigs will not be made to a high enough standard of engineering to deliver guaranteed results and when it comes to assembly you get big issues with closing the joints. In your application it sounds like you are not actually looking to make dowel joints so something like that asian jig might work at a push, otherwise even though I believe the Dowelmax to be the best dowel jig it is not directly available in the UK so the Jessem is also really good and is what I now use for many applications along with my dowelmax.
Does this jig do the cam joints as well? I need to purchase for some 18mm continued knockdown joinery.
Does this jig do the cam joints as well
No it only does dowels that are not knockdown unless you do final assembly on site. I assume you mean the ones that you rotate and they lock onto a pin fitted to the other piece like with a lot of flatpack furniture. For knockdown type furniture made from sheet goods then I suspect the best tool for that job is the Lamello P2, the worlds most expensive biscuit jointer that @Peter millard has some videos on.

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