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Wanted Dovetail guide wanted - Katz Moses or similar


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As a beginner, you've got a lot of things you're trying to learn all at the same time. The dovetail jigs reduce the number of things you have to learn in one go so you can get good at board preparation, marking out and chiselling and then when you've mastered that, you can ditch the dovetail jigs and just focus on sawing.
Exactly, that's my hope! Start simple with the guide and work up from there.
I've got a Katz Moses dovetail guide that I don't use. I'm off for the weekend but can dig it out when I get home: Sunday/Monday.
I should add, I tried a few gadgets when I started cutting dovetails and I have to say by far the best item I purchased was a good saw. In my case a Veritas saw. By far the most important items for cutting dovetails are a good saw and marking knife. Though I should also add that I am in no way a dovetails expert