Domino has died :(

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Mrs C

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3 Jan 2016
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United kingdom
So my domino (first version with metal pins, bought second hand, owes me nothing) starts making burning smell and stops.

Hubby has replaced the brushes, now works’ish, makes awful noise and smells.

What next? Help :(


P.S. Biscuit jointer just not as good
1. Festool Service Centre?
2. An independent small power tool repair business?
3. Buy a replacement?
I have been impressed with festool service before, and they service the tool which is valuable particularly with the older tools etc.

If you can work out what you think it is - probably armature, then the festool parts catalogue is excellent and reasonably priced, then you could fit it yourself. Of course you would want to be sure you know what the problem is though.
Send it to Festool, they will give you a price before they do the work if you ask them.
My Domino 700 had to have a new armature ( shortly after I lent it to someone ) and it was not too bad considering.

I sent my Festool Conturo edgebander in to Festool back in November to be repaired and the repair was done and returned to me in a very short time.
Cost of the repair was very reasonable @ under £52 inc postage & VAT, and I was more than happy and pleasantly surprised by how little it cost.👍
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what sort of percentage compared to a new one or a ball park figure ? Armatures are not normally too expensive providing the bearings can be replaced and are not part of the housing.
New armature from festool parts for that domino is about £82 incl VAT. Part number 493904. Order Festool spare parts

When I sent my rotex to festool they did it in about 10 days. They first assess the thing, then send you a quote. I think they give you the option of having the tool returned to me (£35 or something), scrapping it and leaving it with festool (Free), or the repair (I think was about £110 ish but it was a few years ago now so I might be wrong about that)
Yep, it sounds like the motor armature has worn out. It's not a difficult job to repair it yourself but, like many here have said, I'd send it to Festool and let them handle it. Their repair costs are reasonable and you know the job has been done right. I seem to remember they even put a warranty on their repairs?? or did I dream that? :rolleyes:
As others have pointed out, Festool stake their reputation on getting tradesmen back up and working again in double quick time (I only wish Felder showed the same commitment to customer service...but that's another story).

So I wouldn't hesitate to post the unit off to Festool's UK service centre. You'll get a quote before they do any work, and any repairs they do make they stand by.

For future reference, using a Domino without top quality dust extraction, even for just a couple of mortices, and especially if you're aggressive with the plunging, will burn out the machine really quickly.

Good luck!