Doing up a band saw

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20 Aug 2019
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Ramsgate, kent.
Hi guys, i have bought this with the view to do it up for the shed, trouble is i cant find a manual or anything else for it, im hoping for help here, i do know it was 3phase but has been converted to 240v, its a startrite SP? with a missing door (which i will replace or have one made to fit), from the 50s? local factory (Chatham, Kent)
Thanks for any advice.


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That looks quite a find! It's a 3-wheeler, but it looks larger than the Burgess, which is the more common one. What diameter are the those wheels? And what is the throat?

3-wheelers have a bigger throat for the size of the wheel, compared to their 2-wheel cousins, but the downside is that the blade bends through a tighter radius, causing a shorter life-span.

I really don't understand how anyone can lose the door off a bandsaw, but there you go. Hey-ho. Please promise me that you won't use it doorless. One trouser leg in that pulley... :)
Keep us posted, this looks wonderful.
Thank you Steve, the wheels are 12" not sure where to take the throat measurement from as the guide moves up and down (brand new at this) don't worry there will be a door on it before I use it in battle, might be made of wood but it will be a door,
Hi Robin, it would appear to be wood as the blades that came with it are for wood and everything is caked in sawdust,
mark01":27l2ws9b said:
the wheels are 12" not sure where to take the throat measurement from as the guide moves up and down

The Throat is the horizontal distance from the blade to the frame. The distance under the guides is called the Depth of Cut.
Thanks Steve will get a measurement later, but I think I have bigger problems, was stripping it down today and I think I have found asbestos in the switch see photos ring of red...


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So long as the box is kept shut and you don't start playing with the wires the asbestos won't hurt you at all. It would be a shame to take a lovely, old Startet box off a machine just because of what's inside. I have seen people gut those boxes out without disturbing the asbestos and put new innards inside them, so possibly that's an option?

If you do decide to swap out the box I'll buy it off you :D
Thank you Trevanion, as much as it pains me it probably will be swapped out, im going to sleep on it, if I do I will give you first refusal.
mark01":2gcu34vk said:
I have found a replacement switch, if you still want this one £10 posted?

To be honest, you'd probably be better off putting it on that famous auction site as they can fetch a pretty penny. Plus it would really only sit on my shelf with all the other junk I need to clear out. :lol: Sorry!
Well the new switch arrived from flea bay (broken) shame as it was the same but brand new in box,
any ideas where I can get a switch and what type do I need, I looked on flea bay/wickes/tool station/screwfix but there is so many different types I have no idea,


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If youre staying with 240 volts theres no need for a switch that big.
Search ebay for NVR switch (stands for Non Voltage Release)