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20 Sep 2020
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Hi All,
I've just picked up a Delta Table Saw for £25, bargain, just needed cleaning, oiling and a new blade, works fine.
I've seen a lot of videos on utube about using these, my question is, there's a hooked piece of sheet steel behind the blade, a lot of videos I've seen the hooked thingy is not there, so should I leave it on or take it off, are there any pros or cons to this.
Leave it on,it is called a Riving knife and helps to prevent the saw cut from closing up and nipping the blade which can cause kick back which can be very painful or even fatal.
A lot of Utube vids are from the USA and they for some reason remove it or don't have it.
The riving knife is one of the most important safety features along with the blade guard, I'm guessing if you don't have a riving knife you won't have a blade guard either as the blade guard is normally fixed to the riving knife.

Blade guards are easily available, you just need to get one to match the size of your saw blade, you won't see them on American YouTube videos but you should use one if you want to keep your fingers.

For example
This is one of the better videos on table saw safety, worth a watch if you are new to it all.

Doug71, thanks for your reply, and yes I am new to this having never used a table saw before.
Thank you.
What model is it? Seems a bargain whatever model though. I paid significantly more than that for my Delta (though I still consider mine a bargain also)